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Material thickness ±0.2
375485 150x150 4 110
375014 300x200 4 275
375022 300x400 4 550
375030 400x400 4 780
375048 400x600 4 1100

1. The sealing cord is placed in the grid of the vacuum clamping plate. It goes up to the end of the area to be worked on in the workpiece. 2. The adapter mat is placed onto the vacuum clamping plate. 3. Holes are made in the adapter mat within the marked clamping surface over a wood plate with a 3-5 mm diameter hole punch. The location of the holes must be in the area of the grid cuts of the vacuum clamping plate. 4. The workpiece to be worked on is placed on it and fixed using the adjustable eccentric stops.

- The good coefficient of friction offers especially good resistance against the displacement forces that arise during processing.
- The adapter mat can be cut into up to 2 mm deep without problem.
- If the same contours are used, the adapter mat can be reused almost any number of times, since it does not undergo wear.