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max. vacuum
Number of suction
L B H ±0,1 R Weight
375105 3.5 - 5 90 1 150 150 40 25 1.0
374470 3.5 - 5 90 3 200 300 40 25 6.0
374488 3.5 - 5 90 9 300 400 40 25 12.0
374496 3.5 - 5 90 9 400 400 40 25 16.0
374504 3.5 - 5 90 9 400 600 40 25 24.0


The vacuum plate has grooves and suction points on its upper side. By inserting the sealing cord, one or more fields can be defined for the desired workpiece size. All suction points are interconnected.
Easy positioning via holes for stop pins or lateral, height-adjustable eccentric stops.
Lateral grooves or fastening holes allow the vacuum clamping plate to be fastened to a base plate (e.g. machine table).
Fixture plates can additionally be fixed using a sword or locating pin. It is also no problem to integrate the vacuum clamping plate into the AMF "Zero-Point" clamping system (see the AMF catalog "Zero-Point Systems").

The work pieces being machined are clamped through generation of a vacuum by means of the integrated
Venturi nozzle technology (included in scope of supply) or with an external vacuum pump. By means of individual grid allocation it is also possible to clamp and machine multiple, different workpieces at the same time.
Typical applications are milling and grinding operations.
The vacuum clamping plate is ready to use right away – all of the necessary components are included in the scope of supply.

Operate only with dried, filtered, non-lubricated compressed air! Max. suction volume against atmosphere: 21.8 l/min.
Operating pressure for max. suction volume flow: 3.5 bar.
Please observe installation manual 7800.

- The AMF vacuum clamping plate can be operated using compressed air and the integrated Venturi nozzle, or with an external vacuum pump.
- Cost savings through use of the Venturi nozzle
- Low compressed air consumption, thus low operating costs Example: 1 m³ of compressed air costs 0.0078 €. At an average consumption of 40 l/min, this corresponds to 0.0187 €/h.
- Multiple suction points, thus flexible grid allocation and clamping of multiple parts possible
- Vacuum plates can be combined with each other
- High holding forces
- Universal use
- High coefficient of friction allows secure clamping of unmachined workpiece surfaces
- Sealing cords compensate for small irregularities in the workpiece surface
- Distortion-free, vibration-free five-sided machining

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