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A book Concerning: Clamping sets and accessories

Our boxed sets of assorted clamping elements are for machine tools with T-slot tables and contain all necessary elements for fast clamping of dies, fixtures or workpieces. All items are interchangeable and can be replaced. They are made of tempering steel to DIN or work standard. Screw items to tensile strength class 8 or 10 resp. The pieces come in a wooden case with removable lid.

There is also a wide variety of accessories like thread paste, spring type clamp supports tools, chain clamping sets etc.

Our featured accessory is the T-slot cover of profiled aluminum.

The thorough subsequent cleaning of the slot on the machine table is no longer required. Always cover the free slots by using our original T-slot cover before starting with machining. The T-slot covers can easily be removed after machining.

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