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A book Concerning: Clamping bolts, nuts and washers

Our Quality :

There are strong reasons for demanding operators to only use our clamping bolts of highest quality:
  • Strict checks guarantee a consistent quality level.
  • High quality clamping bolts and nuts last longer, reduce tool management and idle periods resulting in more economy in the long run.

Tempering steel to DIN regulations within tensile strength classes 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9

All bolts and studs have rolled threads and guarantee high clamping forces and long life.

Tensile strength classes according to DIN regulations.

Please note!
The torque which can be achieved by hand can be higher than required by DIN standard for screws sizes up to 12 mm dia. Result: Only under worst conditions will the screw first of all twist and eventually break when overstressed. A small but decisive contribution to safety at the workplace. Our bolts, T-nuts and nuts are manufactured to DIN 267 and ISO 898. By galvanizing tempered and hardened components there is a certain risk of the material getting brittle. In the event of components being subsequently galvanized we refuse all possible claims regarding breakage and damages.