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A book Concerning: Clamps

All AMF-clamps shown on this website can be combined with different support blocks and are therefore adaptable to different shaped and sized workpieces.

Clamping with single clamps or with compact compact clamping units, i.e. combined clamps, supports and bolts/nuts.
Where high clamping forces or flexible adaptation to shapes and sizes of workpieces are demanded, we offer our single clamps or clamping combinations by using our adjustable clamps.

The advantages of these adjustable clamps are their universal application abilities for single parts up to medium series production with changing clamping dimensions. They allow simple and fast horizontal and vertical application, are interchangeable and price worthy. Their compact design ensures high clamping forces even at large clamping dimensions.

Tempering steel to DIN regulations

Plane-parallel base- and clamping faces ensure safe force transmission.

According to DIN regulations. Sectional areas and tensile strength figures of clamps are in accordance with the high strength of clamping bolts, nuts and washers.

All clamps are abrasion-proof quality varnished, or of equal quality finish.