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Size M L x W x H Weight
83071 06 M6 440x370x50 1700
83105 08 M8 440x370x50 1740
83089 10 M10 440x370x50 1770
83097 12 M12 440x370x50 1800

Most suitable for 3D-coordinate measuring machines, engraving and E.D.M. machine application and any light duty clamping. The possible clamping force (up to 500 N), depending on the actual leverage, can be achieved by manual tightening of knurled nut, while its hexagon section allows release through use of open jaw wrench.

- The weight is only 1/4 compared with aluminum and 1/10 compared with steel elements.
- anti-corrosive against hand sweat
- very easy to handle
- no damage to surface plate, supporting table or workpiece
- suitable for multi-combination.