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Spacer washer, laminated

Order no. Article no. dia. D1
dia. S
Number and
thickness of
0.10= blau
0.025= blank
300491 6363-12-084-1 22 12.5 4x0.025+
1.0 mm
5 2
300509 6363-16-084-1 30 16.5 4x0.025+
1.00 mm
5 4

These spacer washers are used for rapidly adjusting the height of supports: 6363-**-006, -007, -008, -009, -054, -080, -100.

By peeling off the shim steel laminates with a sharp knife, all thicknesses within a millimetre can be produced in steps of 0.025 mm. Remove the blue 0.1 mm shims first to approach the correct thickness, then make the fine adjustment by removing bare-metal coloured 0.025 mm shims. Apply a well-ground knife to the circumference of the washer at a point as close as possible to its surface and push the knife towards the centre to separate the first layer. Once separation has started, the laminate can be easily peeled off.